Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Undiscused Female Aspects-

As a woman with RSD,one of the most discussed aspects of the syndrome is how hormones can effect flare ups.  Before my diagnoses, I noticed that around the time of my menstrual cycle, when my hormones would be highest- both during my period and mid-cycle, my pain increased, mostly during my period. 
This has made sense to me, because my epilepsy disorder reacts the same way to the hormonal changes to my body.  My seizure activity increases at the same time.
When I became pregnant in 2007, some of my RSD symptoms lessened, and I also had some flare ups, during the first trimester, and towards the end of the third.  After I gave birth, my pain level was almost unbearable at times.
Since my diagnoses, however, not only has the doctor not addressed this issue, but it took me a month to find other woman suffering from RSD discussing the same  symptoms.
We all were experiencing an increase in flare ups during 'that time of the month',that we could not find any pain relief from.
Yesterday, I did find information that would link these two together-

There is no contraindication for an RSD victim to become pregnant. As a matter of fact, as is the case with some other neurologic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, pregnancy may be beneficial in the management of the disease.
In conclusion, this would suggest that hormones do play a role in effecting RSD.

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