Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Quick Ode To Moms (and Dads)

I want to take this moment to thank all the parents out there who stand by their children who are going through chronic illness.  As a relatively new mom, I know the worry I feel when my son is sick, or bumps his head.  I could never imagine the panic, frustration, and suffer a parent of a child who has a chronic illness must feel.

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 13, and have seen what worry and stress it can do to a family.  As I have gotten older, and my medical needs have increased, I have been blessed enough to have my mother by my side.  I will never have the words to thank her, and can only imagine how she feels.

So I want to take this time and let all of you parents out there that we do appreciate what you do for us, no matter how young or old we are.  It takes an extremely strong person to care for a child and put all of their needs before their own, and there should be an award for what you do.

Thank you.

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