Friday, July 23, 2010


One would assume that if you continued to repeat yourself, finally your point would get across.  I have been repeating myself for 3 weeks now, getting several different doctors' opinions, given them all information regarding my condition, telling them what one another has said verbatim, and I am no closer to where I started from.
Wednesday my general care took me of the only medication I was taking to help to control nerve pain (nortriptyline), because my blood pressure had been  running so low (84/57) he was afraid I might pass out.  Was it a bad call on his part, no, I don't want to pass out, but what am I supposed to do for pain management?

I spent last night,and some of this moring in the ER for the third time.  My pain was so unbearable I could not sit or walk.  My pain management doctor is unavailable until mid August.  My neurologist- late August, and he only treats me for my seizure disorder...  the ER doctor just increased the amount of opiates I take,and told me to see a chiropractor.
I felt defeated, and angry.  It has been like running into a brick wall at full force over and over again.  One doctor tells that the RSD has spread to my leg; another telling me RSD.  I have a surgeon not even look at my leg, and tell me it is RSD.  And finally 2 doctors tell me they can't be certain what is going on without the proper tests or a chiropractor letting them know that everything is in alignment.
If you have this figured out- you are way ahead of me. (Slams head on desk).

I woke up this morning and got on my GP's ass to finally give a referral to a new pain clinic (which I had provided his assistant the phone number with) in hopes of getting some answers, finally.  The receptionist asked me what I wanted her to do- I tried with all my might not to scream at her, with what little sleep I had gotten. 

30 Minutes later, I had an appointment 1 and a half from now.  For now, it is just a waiting game.

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