Saturday, October 2, 2010

-Back From 'Vacation'-

One might say I've been taking a vacation from my pain, if that is possible.  I had an EMG last week, and since then, I stopped researching, writing senators, devoting any extra time to my 'pain'.  I had been spending my days relaxing with my boys, and just spending my free time with friends, occasionally taking a nap or two.
And yesterday, I decided it was time to get back into the habit.  I realized I had let my doctors charge me for a co-pay I didn't need to pay, and made sure that all of them were going to refund me.  We went to the library, and I got some books to do some more 'research'. The more I know about my body, the more I can advocate for it.  So I got a copy of 'Gray's Anatomy', and 'The Idiot's Guide to Fibromyalgia'.

I have a doctor's appointment coming up, and I want to be sure I am prepared.  And I have learned that one can have RSD and fibromyalgia together.  That could explain some of my fatigue and forgetfulness.

I have been keeping a list of 'symptoms' that have been bothering me of the past few weeks.
My muscle spasms have been so bad that my fiance can now place his hand on them and feel them.  I get them in my hands, feet, knees, back.  You name it, I have had spasms there.  At night, the are so bad, they keep me awake.

Perhaps the my 'vacation' has been some slight version of denial.  It seems when ever I come back to, I get a little depressed.
I did find a group, the American Neurologist Association (ANA), that has an advocacy program.  I do not know if they actually have advocates, but I thought what would be the harm in writing them.  Usually specialty groups (aka lobbyists) like to help people if it benefits their causes.  The amount of time I've had to wait now just to get some kind of diagnoses, let alone pain relief on my hip/leg has been ridiculous.  I figure if I can scratch there back maybe they could scratch mine.
Until then- I think I will go back on 'vacation'.  Reality blows.

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  1. Tip: Ask your doc about Rx Tramadol for those spasms.