Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alot has happened-

I had my wisdom teeth removed just before the holidays, believing it was the cause of my discomfort in my left ear.  Well, now that everything has healed, and I have been on anti-biotics for almost 2 weeks, I think we can can safely rule out any infection. (I have also confirmed this with my GP).  It is a mystery to me, because the pain is crippling.  But it also seems to coincide with my flare ups.
I do have an appointment in Boston this week!  What I thought might take 5 to 6 months will be happening before the end of the week.  I may finally know why I have pain, muscle spasms, parasthesia, mood swings, memory loss, and all the other nasty stuff that has happened to me over the pass few years within a matter of days.  It seems to good to be true...
I had to pick up a copy of all of my tests done over the course of the year.  I snuck a peek at my MRIs and X-Rays... I'm no doctor, but I thought I only had one white spot on my brain (I have Mesial Temporal Sclerosis)?  There looked to be at least eight...  I'm not going to freak out, but this makes me wonder if perhaps I have been diagnosed wrong?  My new doctor did say he thinks my pain is related to my central nervous system.  He wouldn't diagnose me because he is not a neurologist.  I just trust him more.
And it makes me all the more anxious to see this specialist in Boston.  He does specialize in both pain and neurology.  I'm excited and nervous all at once... and yet I don't want to get my hopes up too high- because I've been down that road before way too many times.

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