Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please Read and Be inspired-- I know it is a lot to read.

I did some research and found that the Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden, tried to pass something similar to the American Pain Act.  One June 13, 2001. he delivered the following on the senate floor-

(if you can not read this, let me know)

And so I wrote to him-
Dear Senator Wyden,
I was reviewing the congressional record of your statements introduced in front the Senate on June 13, 2001 (page 10651), and I was moved. 
My name is Katherine, and I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy as a result of a car accident in 2002.  I have been trying to work with Senator Scott Brown to create something exactly like you said in 2001.  I continue to receive phone calls from his representatives in the Washington office, but it is my belief now that it is more to keep me quiet.I talk constantly to an internet support group to why we should write our elective representatives to help get the funding and proper care from pain doctors that we deserve.  But I have yet to create such a spark.I am inspired because I know it only takes one person who is motivated enough to get things done.  My grandmother, Jill Blakeslee, worked with senators to get the Untie the Elderly Bill passed.  She as nurse, and her father was her patient.  On his death bed, he asked her if she was his jailer or his daughter... and she never looked back from there.You could say I have the same spark.  My mother constantly tells me a little grease gets the squeaky wheel moving.  I used to kick box with my sister.  Now I can barely walk without my cane.  I am a  twenty seven year old mother of a two year old...  and I am not going down without a fight.
I believe in those words you said on the senate floor.  Do you?
Sincerly, Katherine

Do research on your issue, and just write a letter that inspires you, and you hope will inspire them.

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