Tuesday, August 31, 2010

-Worse than 'One of Those Days'-

I had a list this morning.  Short and sweet:
  1. Call in prescriptions 
  2. Schedule EMG.
  I called my prescriptions in, I had two.  No problem.  I have the numbers to the computer menu memorized.  But I also had to make sure that my Neurologist's assistant (we will call her Beth) had called in my refill that I had asked for 2 weeks prior.  Easy enough.  I waited to talk to the pharmacist.  It wasn't there... and I hadn't had breakfast yet.  I called my neurologist's office immediately, because I knew I didn't catch Beth as soon as possible, that my medication wouldn't be ready for pick up by the time my mother would be coming from work to get them, and I needed them by tomorrow morning.  As soon as I got a hold of Beth, she told me she had already faxed over the script, but she would resend it, just in case. An hour later, I called the pharmacy to see if they had a copy, to be certain.  They told me they had received a script from my neurologist. 
At that moment...  I knew there was something about the day...  one of those days where everything is ten times more stressful than it needs to be.
Task one was taken care of (so I thought), and after lunch, I began to work on scheduling my EMG.  A simple task.  I called my pain management center near my home, and my doctor's nurse (we will call her Mary), explained to me that she would call me after having a word with me doctor.  Easy, right?  
Three hours later, I decided to call her back.  First, the receptionist ask me why I was calling.  She thought I wasn't being seen by them any more, because I had gone to a second pain center.  It was true, I had gone to a second pain center, but the doctors there wanted to work with my current doctor.  They want to collaborate.  What business is that of the receptionist,and why is she giving me attitude?  I just ask to speak to Mary?  I was polite, and ask to please speak to Mary.  Mary explained to me that the doctor was in the O.R. all day, and never received any information from the other pain clinic.  She began to get very short with me.  She told me there was nothing she could do for me, and thought I already had an EMG done on my leg.  I never had.  At this point I was exhausted emotionally, and told her I probably needed to get an advocate due to the lack of communication between the two facilities.  I know an advocate wouldn't help (even if one could I couldn't afford one), but it was the first thing that came out of my mouth- but it worked.  She finally said she would call the other doctor, even though I already was going to do so.
I don't know what was said.  And my EMG was never scheduled.  I just sat there, and cried for a few minutes, picked myself up, and filed a letter of grievance to the hospital regarding Mary and the receptionist's actions. 
Never let any nurse, doctor, or receptionist treat you any less than human.  If they do, go for a second opinion, and write a letter of grievance to the administration.  No one should get away with that.  A letter of grievance documents your case.

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