Thursday, August 12, 2010

I haven't posted in a few days-

I've been very busy with family and medical tests.  And on top of that, I have comedown with laryngitis.

So, my family is the most important thing to me. I have my fiance, son, and we live with my mom.  My fiance's parents come to visit when ever they have the time. And we visited with My fiance's dad,and his wife and step daughter this past weekend.  It was a good visit. The only rough part for me was his father talked about a man in home depot that he came across who was 'limping around', that he could tell just wanted to be home all day on social security. I know he wasn't trying implying anything towards me, but it still bothered me.
I wish people would think about who and what they are making fun of before they talk,because one never knows who is listening.  And I am just as guilty of this.  It sounds very P.C, but I wouldn't want someone making fun of my child like that. And who knows, one never knows what is really going on with that person.  I'm learning that lesson the hard way.
So, I finally gave in and bought a cane. I don't use it everyday, but just when I'm having really bad flare ups, so I can still get out, and do things with my family.  I've become very sub conscience when using it.  It is a weird feeling having a 75 year old man holding the door for me.
And I had several X-rays and an MRI done of my back, but I won't recieve the results until next week.

I did go to the New Pain Center-
Because I wasn't displaying the four signs of RSD, the doctor is waiting for my medical records before she even starts to treat me.  Until then, I have been continuing to see my previous Doctor.  He isn't a bad doctor- he is actually very good.  It is his staff that is poor. My pain has be the same, consistently shooting and burning in my leg and across my back.

My mom, in the mean time, has been showing signs that she is not doing well.  It makes me nervous, especially since she won't let me know how poorly she is feeling.  I made her go to the ER on Saturday.  They have since then done numerous blood work, checked for tumors (that came back negative), and are waiting to send her to a cardiologist.  I know she is more concerned then she lets on, but she puts a front on 'because she is the mom'.  She forgets her children are adults now, and that we are going to worry about her.
I can only sit back and wait, and hope she stays well, or the doctors keep on her case.

Starting to collect donations for -The Invisible Disabilities Advocate-

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